Moving Tips

6 Weeks Prior To Move                                       Printable Moving Checklist



    • Decide whether you will pack yourself or hire a mover to do it for you. Noteworthy Moving Systems is willing to professionally pack and move for you or provide you with materials to do it yourself including special purpose containers. See our Packing Materials.
    • If selling your old home try to arrange for closing to occur a day or two after moving day.
    • If buying a new home try to arrange for closing to occur a day or two before moving day.
    • You may need a Storage-In-Transit (SIT) if scheduling conflicts between leaving your old home and entering your new home. This is temporary storage of your shipment until your new home is ready to move into. Noteworthy Moving Systems can arrange this for you. We can move your household goods from your old home to our storage facility and then move it out of storage into your new home when it is ready. We can also provide you with long term storage.
    • Request a moving estimate from Noteworthy Moving Systems by calling 818.241.4745 or by using our online form. Estimate
    • Check mover’s Better Business Bureau rating to see if your mover is a member in good standing. Noteworthy Moving Systems has been a BBB member for almost 2 decades and has the highest possible rating of A+.
    • Check mover’s operating permit, license, insurance and carrier status. This information is found on the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) website. You can find it on our Change of Address Moving List ..
    • Start saving receipts and moving documents in a central location. Job related moves may be tax deductible for you. See our FAQ’s for more information.


5 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Confirm the moving quote and reserve the moving date with Noteworthy Moving Systems.
  • Request information of the city you are moving to; schools, medical facilities, parks and recreation, local police department, community calendars and maps. We have provided you with a list of cities in our service area with links to city and Chamber of Commerce websites. Service Area
  • Clean house. Have a garage sale, give away or throw away anything you no longer need. Do not pay to move things you will never use.
  • Start eating foodthat cannot be moved. Only buy perishable food that will be used before moving day.
  • Start using cleaning suppliesand any toxic or flammable items that cannot be moved.
  • Create floor plan of new home and draw in the furniture placement. This will show you how items will fit and show the movers where to place items in the new home.

4 Weeks Prior To Move

  • Change of address notifications should be sent to the post office, friends, newspapers, magazines,… of your new address. Do not start the newspaper at the new address too soon unless you will be there to pick it up. You would not want the papers to pile up prior to you moving in. You can download a list of helpful links that allow you to change your address online and phone numbers to call on our Change of Address Moving List .
  • Contact utilities gas water and electric, to inform them of address change. You will need to give them the disconnection date at current address and service start date at new address. Best to have utilities turned on at least 1 day prior to move in date and check the gas lines for leaks.
  • Contact service providers, cable, phone and internet access about your move Make sure they provide service at your new address.
  • Contact insurance companies about address change. If you are lucky your new address may qualify you for a rate reduction.
  • Contact alarm company. Give them your change of address and schedule for installation in your new home.
  • Complete repair work needed on old home and new home.
  • Contact schools and make arrangements to forward records to new school.
  • Contact doctors and vets and request copies of medical records.

3 Weeks Prior To Move

  • Set aside important papers such as your insurance records, medical records, auto registration,… You should find these now and take them yourself to your new home on moving day.
  • Clean the new home if needed.
  • Get back loaned items to neighbors and return what you borrowed.

2 Weeks Prior To Move

  • Reserve any elevators, lifts or ramps needed for move in at your new home.
  • Arrange for a baby sitter to watch your kids on moving day.
  • Make arrangements for your pets on moving day. They cannot be moved in the truck.
  • Remove items mounted to walls, ceilings or floors and items from hidden locations such as valuables and spare keys. If you are taking fixtures, you will need to remove them and replace them with something else.



1 Week Prior To Move

  • Dispose of HHW (Household Hazardous Waste); any toxic or flammable items. You cannot move in the moving truck: perishable food items, combustible items such as gasoline, oil, propane tanks, lighter fluid, ammunition,… You can find disposal sites on our Change of Address Moving List under Department of Public Works – HHW.
  • Make power tools safe by removing oil and gas if they will be going in the moving truck.
  • Verify your utilities and other services are scheduled to be turned on at at your new home.
  • Prune your plants and make them pest free. Noteworthy Moving Systems will move your plants for you.


1-2 Days Before Move

  • Empty and defrost refrigerator and freezer
  • Disconnect all major appliances.
  • Have estimated moving funds available; check, cash or credit card.
  • At your new home, clean shelves, cupboards and drawers and install shelving paper if you like, so movers can place items directly on or in them when they arrive.

Moving Day – Old Home

  • Make sure the movers have your contact number in case they need to reach you during the move.
  • Review paperwork with movers. Verify delivery plans and new home address.
  • Agree on condition of items before they move onto truck.
  • Before movers leave do final walk through the house checking all areas.

Moving Day – New Home

  • Make sure the utilities have been connected.
  • Place toiletry items in the bathroom.
  • Have an ice chest with water, ice and cups available.
  • Review floor plan to refresh your memory where everything goes.
  • Place your pets somewhere where they will not be under foot. Movers cannot always see the floor when carrying boxes.
  • Make sure someone is available when the movers arrive.
  • Have someone in the house directing movers where to place items.
  • Note damaged or missing items prior to movers leaving.

After Moving Day

  • Notify neighbors around your old home if it will be vacant for a long time.
  • Revise address on legal documents such as your will.
  • Contact DMV of your change of address. You can also use their form to change your voter registration address. Links to the DMV and voter registration forms are provided on our Change of Address Moving List .
  • Inform your work of your change of address.
  • Transfer prescriptions to a pharmacy in you new home’s area.
  • Bank change of address and order new checks. Transfer contents of safe deposit box to new bank.
  • Take a day off and rest, you deserve it.

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