1. Is my move tax deductible?


It could be. Job related moves may be tax deductible if you qualify using the Distance Test and the Time Test. Military, retirees and survivors may qualify without having to pass the Distance or Time Test.


2. What do I do with hazardous materials I cannot move?
There are several locations to dispose of your HHW (Household Hazardous Waste). Several cities have locations and provide special event HHR drives. You can call 311, City Services, to locate your nearest HHW site. There you will find contact information for the Sanitation District of Los Angeles and the Department of Public Works. Both of these departments give you information on HHW disposal.



3. Am I liable for injuries during moving?
Not if you hire Noteworthy Moving Systems. We carry our own Workers’ Compensation Insurance. However, if you use non-insured workers you may be liable for injuries under certain circumstances. Check out California Labor Laws and Workers’ Compensation at California’s Department of Industrial Relations www.dir.ca.gov . California labor laws are a bit fuzzy in this area. One department may consider the mover an employee while the other department considers them an independent contractor. Look at this excerpt from a trial transcript of Zaragosa vs. Ibarra; a worker hired by an uninsured subcontractor who was hurt on the job through his own negligence. They found in favor of the homeowner, but it was close.
…”The nightmare scenario for a homeowner, of course, is to have purchased homeowners’ liability insurance, to be held to be a worker’s employer for purposes of workers’ compensation by virtue of the operation of section 2750.5, and yet not to be covered for compensation owed because the project somehow fell outside of section 3351, subdivision (d). We are convinced that in construing section 2750.5 to apply to the workers’ compensation system (and remember that the statute is not part of the workers’ compensation statutes as such), our high court in Fund v. Board did not contemplate such an untoward result. The key language from that case is: “It is only when the homeowner or renter employs an unlicensed contractor more than the 52 hours required and does not have homeowner’s insurance or other comprehensive personal liability insurance that the alleged undue burden is imposed.”



4. Why shouldn’t I use a moving broker?
First off, Noteworthy Moving Systems is a moving company. We are not a broker. We will come to your home and give you our professional estimate. When you call us, we are the ones who show up. Moving brokers are middlemen. Lots of moving websites are managed by moving brokers and quite a few pass themselves off as the moving company. On their website you will fill out a form or call them, request an estimate, they look up a moving company, forward them your information and receive some sort of commission or fee if you use them. Bottom line is, you pay for the movers and the broker and generally any deal you make with the broker does not have to be honored by the moving company. Receiving a low quote from a moving broker does not always mean you will get the best price as loopholes in the law allow moving companies to ignore the broker’s quote and increase the price. Never give them a deposit up front. This money generally will not be applied to the move but to the broker’s fee.

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